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View 37 RGB Edition CA-1J7-00M1WN-01
Reviewed by : eTeknix Date : 2018/03/21

The main selling point of the View 37 is that curved side panel window. The way it provides such an impressive view from the left and top of the chassis is certainly interesting. It’s bright and clear, so the uncompromised view means you’ll have to be top of your game with cable routing.
Without a doubt, it’s a pretty robust chassis. The side panel is a bit awkward to mount, but that’s a downside of the unique shape and something that’s relatively easy to navigate, as you’ll hardly be removing it daily. Modular and removable HDD bays are fantastic, and the number of mounts behind the motherboard is extremely impressive. There is room for large radiators and other water cooling hardware, you’ve got a lot of potential here for an extreme/enthusiast water cooled system.