Thermaltake Introduces the CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk at the Indoor Cycling Esports Tournament Made for Cycling Esports

 Thermaltake Introduces the CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk at the Indoor Cycling Esports Tournament
Made for Cycling Esports


Taipei, TaiwanJune 2nd, 2023Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Case, Power, Cooling, Gaming peripherals, and enthusiast Memory solutions, is excited to hold the Thermaltake Indoor Cycling Esports Tournament at COMPUTEX 2023. In recent years, cycling esports has been gaining traction in the esports industry, and the CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk is a multi-functional desk designed for gaming, working, and professional cycling esports. At COMPUTEX 2023 you can not only watch the Thermaltake Indoor Cycling Esports Tournament, but also experience the CYCLEDESK 100 and other cycling esports gaming gear firsthand.
The CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk is an essential part of any cycling esports competition. Standing out from most desks on the market, the CYCLEDESK 100’s small footprint and mobility makes it perfect for a variety of usage scenarios; from cycling esports, to gaming stations, and workplace scenarios. The CYCLEDESK 100’s multi-functional design provides ample space for a PC monitor or laptop setup, allowing users to comfortably watch videos while cycling at the same time. Empowered by the TT Smart Control Unit, the CYCELDESK 100 comes with a smart height-adjustment function that can be controlled through your mobile devices via WiFi or PC. It also features an interface which displays the current desk height, and offers easy height-adjustments through a push of a button located at the front panel. The CYCLEDESK 100 takes smart design to the next level, and is perfect for cycling esports competitions and regular workout sessions.
Through the RGB Desk Mobile APP, an exclusive app for CYCLEDESK 100 available on Android and iOS, you can easily switch between 4 preset desk heights including: 72cm, 90cm, 100cm, and 117cm. In addition, lighting effects, frequencies, and brightness can also be tweaked effortlessly. Additionally, with our iTAKE  Engine Software (which also has an exclusive app available on Android and iOS), users can switch between preset desk heights and lighting as mentioned above, and it allows for desk height to be set from anywhere between 72 cm to 117 cm (28.3" ~ 46"). As for its build quality, we have implemented upgraded electric motors for a far smoother height adjustment experience. Aside from that, safety is what we value the most. The CYCLEDESK 100 will automatically stop once touching the surface of any unwanted objects thanks to its installed anti-collision safety sensor.
With amazing equipment like the CYCLEDESK 100, you can easily redefine your indoor lifestyle. By setting up the CYCLEDESK 100 at your home or office, you can enjoy cycling esports with your family and friends­ – just like at the Thermaltake Indoor Cycling Esports Tournament. Join in on this exciting new wave of cycling esports with Thermaltake.
Features of the CYCLEDESK 100:
Great for cycling esports, work, and gaming
The CYCLEDESK 100 is a professional bike training desk and can be height-adjusted effortlessly. Its small footprint makes it possible to be moved around, thereby being extremely mobile. It’s great for many use cases, including cycling esports, workplaces, and gaming.
TT Smart Control Unit
The TT Smart Control Box is the heart of the CYCLEDESK 100. After all, this is not just a desk, it’s smarter than you think! With this small box, you can control your desk directly on your phone or PC via WiFi. Also, the powerful SCU can remember your desk settings and usage habits and will automatically adjust your desk according to your needs.
Exclusive RGB Desk Mobile App
Through the RGB Desk Mobile APP, desk height can smoothly be set from 72 cm up to 117 cm and switched between 4 levels of programmable desk heights. Additionally, your settings will be recorded, and adjusted your desk height according to your schedule. On top of that, you’ve got 4 different lighting effects, 5 brightness levels, and lighting speed to work with, until you’re satisfied.
iTake Engine Software
Through our iTAKE Engine Software, you can easily set the desk height from 72 cm up to 117 cm (28.3" ~ 46"). To take things one step further, you can choose between 4 different lighting effect settings with 5 brightness levels and lighting speeds.
Record All Your Usage
The CYCLEDESK 100 will automatically adjust desk height according to your schedule and usage habits.
RGB Lighting Strip
The CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk comes with an RGB Lighting Strip. Customize, control, and sync lighting effects via the Thermaltake RGB desk mobile app or iTAKE engine software. Take it a step further and choose between 4 different lighting effect settings coupled with 5 individual levels of brightness and lighting speed.
6-Button Easy Access Panel
The desk features a 6-button controller for easy operation along with a digital display board that shows accurate height adjustments. The smart controller panel can set up to 4 height memory settings, so users can store and conveniently switch to their desired height setting with a push of a button.
Stable Motor
Its upgraded electric motor provides the desk optimal stability when adjusting the height.
Anti-collision Safety Sensor
For your safety, we’ve included an anti-collision safety sensor to automatically detect when the desk encounters obstacles when raising or lowering.
Excellent Mobility with Four Wheels
Designed with four 360° rotating and lockable casters enables you to roll this desk to anywhere you like.
Full-Size Laptop Stand
Place your devices vertically and build up a neat and organized space for your desk.
Cable-management System
The desk features an easy and convenient cable routing system, to c keep your workspace clutter-free.
Waterproof Mouse Pad
Lastly, the desk features a high-density physical cloth waterproof surface. In daily use, if water or beverages are sprinkled on the mouse pad, small water droplets form, preventing the liquid from penetrating through the surface.
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